USCIS to Change Approval Location for Form I-730 to International Offices

USCIS comments that it is improving its processes for Form I-730, the Refugee/Aslyee Relative Petition. The agency will phase in changes in responsibility for approving these forms from USCIS Service Centers to USCIS international field offices. This change will not alter the requirements for the form itself. Additionally, it will not alter processing times nor place additional requirements on petitioners.

The first phase of this change began on April 1, 2014, and involved only cases for beneficiaries residing in China. In such instances, a USCIS international field office in China will conduct the interview and complete final case adjudication in the following cases:

1 – When the form was not adjudicated at a USCIS Service Center on or before March 31, 2014, and
2 – When the USCIS Service Center had not identified any issues requiring denial of the form before the petition is transferred to China.