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Immigrating to the United States comes with a vast range of privileges and rights. One of the most popular ways to acquire permanent immigration is via employment. However, the process for obtaining employment-based immigration is often complex, lengthy, and confusing. If you are pursuing this type of immigration, it would be in your best interests to retain an experienced employment-based immigration attorney in Tampa.

At Dehra Miotke, our lawyers are highly skilled in this area of law. Over the years, we have successfully helped thousands of clients with a wide variety of immigration needs. We can help you, too. Our legal team can proficiently guide you throughout every stage of the process while helping you make well-informed decisions. You can trust us to provide you with the strong and relentless representation you deserve.

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About the Employment Visa Categories

There are five classifications of people who seek employment based immigration.

These classifications include:

  • EB-1 Priority workers
    • Executives and managers transferred to the U.S.
    • Outstanding researchers or professors
    • Individuals who have extraordinary ability in athletics, business, education, arts, or the sciences
  • EB-2 Persons with exceptional ability or professionals with advanced degrees
    • Physicians wanting to practice medicine in underserved communities
    • Professionals who have advanced degrees
    • Individuals who have exceptional ability in athletics, business, education, arts, or the sciences
  • EB-3 Professional or skilled workers
    • Unskilled workers
    • Workers who are skilled and have at least two years’ experience
    • Professionals with bachelor’s degrees or equivalent
  • EB-4 Special immigrants
    • The U.S. government’s abroad employees and former employees
    • Religious workers
  • EB-5 Immigrant investors
    • Individuals who are starting/engaging in a new business in the U.S., showing that said business will indirectly or directly create 10 or more jobs

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